Meant for something better; something special

It’s kind of fitting that my final game as a fan of the Connecticut Sun would end in an eventful victory against the Tulsa Shock. Prior to attending the game, my track record throughout their entire 2015 season resulted in back-to-back losses. 

As much as this post should have some relevance about the game—which obviously more memorable to me since they won; hooray! 

It sparked a few parallels that will help shape my direction for the near future. In the case of the CT Sun—a team that has encountered a fair share of losses—the lesson everyone can draw from this is: stay focused and never give up. 

Before my relocation to Connecticut, I always had a relatively strong support system (mainly my Mom) who always inspired me to strive for the best and to never drag my feet. It was a significant power move that many of my childhood friends never anticipated me going through with considering the easy-going persona I had at the time. Eventually my gut feeling told me it was time to forge a new path and I ended up leaving the Big Apple for New England. 

It’s been a little over a decade—actively focusing on raising a family maintaining a strong presence in the wireless communications industry. Eventually I came into contact with a new set of individuals with various skills and interest in media, industrial work, and so on. It was all significant to influencing me to take the next step, except I didn’t develop nearly as quickly as some of them had hoped. Heck, I was actually called stubborn the other day. I had to laugh because Harry was right. For years, he’s actually gone to great lengths to light a fire under my ass—to step deeper into editorial, enhance my skills in video and photography (mainly video, which I’ll save for another day), in order to become more marketable. 

I won’t get into all the details, but as you may have guessed, it was self-doubt, fear and conditioning the inner voice that lingers in all of us to look the other way. Who’s to say that if I wasn’t a bit more assertive and ambitious where I could have ended up years ago?  

When I look back at how far I’ve come in such a short amount of time and to think back when Harry brought me to my first basketball game at The Arena which kickstarted the interest to widen my horizons. In the beginning, I felt a bit overwhelmed by the vast amount of options out there: portraits, still-life, sports, weddings, concerts. Over time, I learned how to prioritize my interests while still being fairly open to new frontiers. I must admit, there were situations when self-doubt would manage to overstay its welcome and limit my creativity. Fortunately I am blessed with a pretty strong support group that doesn’t allow me to fall into the abyss of cynical thinking and remain focused. 

It’s 1:54 a.m. and all I can think about is the level of radiance projected during the entire game as I shared this bold new opportunity that awaits. This aura wasn’t actually new to Harry though. As I recall, I expressed a similar level of passion and optimism back in 2010. So what happened? Well, it was the negative self-talk that I allowed to creep in. 

For some reason, I allowed myself to get consumed by self-doubt and conditioned my inner voice to practically convince me that taking initiative for the things I wanted wasn’t the best course of action. I chose to play it safe. Well, that bothered me. It made me think of this popular episode “Tapestry” from Star Trek: The Next Generation where Capt. Jean-Luc Picard was given an opportunity to experience a life where he chose a similar lifestyle. As a result, he missed out on many pivotal opportunities that would have shaped his career and ultimately lead to him taking command of the Enterprise. This made me think back about my own life and examine what I’ve done over the years.  

I realized that it was time to stop letting these negative feelings define my fate.

Someone once told me: “I think you’re afraid of your own greatnesss”, and you know—they were right. I was too worried about the potential degree of failure to take a leap of faith and fulfill my dreams. In less than 48 hours, I’ll be embarking on a new chapter. I’ll be talking a bit more about that once I’ve completed my trip as I’ve been advised to keep things under wraps just a little bit longer, but I’ll end this post with the following message. .

It’s very easy to think poorly of yourself when you allow yourself to get consumed by a toxic mindset. I’ve honestly always had some idea where to start but I’ve been my greatest enemy (and often that’s the case for many of us). It’s essential to make sure you surround yourself by other like-minded individuals and invest in people who are selfless and mutually offer the same level of interest in you. Make sure you’re not wasting every second of your life thinking about what could have been and maximize that time planning on making things happen.

Shia’s “Do It” video has gone viral (ironically for the wrong reasons) as there’s so much truth in there that I doubt most of us have actually taken the opportunity to truly mediate on the message. There’s no time like the present and if you’re still unsure of yourself (as I’ve been guilty of often in the past), then you’ll never going to see any difference in your life. 

We all have something unique and special to contribute—it just comes down to recognizing our talents and creating opportunities to show the world. 


Chris Bahn Photography