Here's to a brighter (and even better) year!

There's something very troublesome when it comes to Squarespace's web design and Safari. I am often lead to believe these particular programs simply don't being in cooperating with one another. In short, there's some type of bug that tends to make the browser crash anything I am involved with some administrative functions. The end result? Crashes. Lots of unwelcome crashes.

Needles to say, the most recent occurrence killed my attempts to get a few things off my chest in regards to events that took place last year. 

Overall, 2015 was a productive mixed with intrigue, peril, risk and excitement. I had the pleasure of testing the waters within the esports medium, stepped out of my comfort zone and completed two successful photoshoots and even had an opportunity to move across the country to start a new life. 

There were a few pitfalls that were emotionally taxing; though I am fortunate to still wake up each day focusing on new solutions to keep my optimism above water. I simply can't afford to let myself drown in a sea of cynicism and irrational thoughts. Quite frankly, there's still a lot to do and I've come too far to give up now.

It's been about six months and so far, the family and I have adjusted well to the Texan lifestyle. It's true what they say: everything is bigger here. Aside from the bipolar weather and occasional tornado scare, I've really been enjoying the whole experience. 

In spite of some recent challenges, I've been doing my best to keep myself occupied with work and stay productive. Earlier this week, I put together a short video clip to celebrate a small sample derived from my 2015 portfolio. It was actually refreshing to fire up my video programs again and I suddenly feel inspired to explore some new angles to incorporate this type of media into my creative works.

Well, there's 11 months remaining—may as well start off with something simple and see where things go from there.