Make a Flyer? No Problem!

Several months ago, I was invited to assist an aspiring event organizer who co-founded Kumite in Tennessee. The importance of my presence was reiterated by one of the notable streaming wizards who runs Panda X Gaming. We met at Absolute Battle 6 last summer and since that time, we've developed a genuine degree of respect for each other so I was highly motivated to make schedule adjustments to attend!

It’s always great to showcase that my work actually does reach well beyond gaming-related content.

For its third installment, KIT is looking to up the ante with a larger venue featuring a variety of tournament and casual attractions which I'll have the pleasure of capturing in candid fashion. 

My services will be officially announced on Facebook sometime this evening. It's truly an honor to be valued by genuine individuals who recognize the value of others who share a noble, hard working ethic.

I quickly came to the realization that I needed to develop some new marketing materials e.g. business cards and flyers, the latter of which the event organizer inquired for promotional use. Normally I'd reach out to a third-party source, but there are times when I just take the initiative to just put something together on my own. 

I spent about an hour or so coming up with a potential design, picking some ideal pictures for the flyer and then putting it all together. Here's the end result. . .


I may still end up doing something a bit more elaborate, but this is a nice simple layout that gives a nod to one of a classic video game that avid players from the Capcom vs. SNK 2 era will immediately recognize. I took great care to feature a mix of other images from my cosplay, music, and outdoor albums. It's always great to showcase that my work actually does reach well beyond gaming-related content.

KIT 2016 will be hosted in Memphis, TN and I'll be flying out on Thurdsay night. I am really looking forward to the event as it will be a great opportunity to fire up the camera and introduce some of the first FGC media content for 2016.