Passion to create memories. . .


Chris Bahn is a resident of Colorado, whose career kickstarted as a content creator during the late 1990 era as a gaming journalist.

Over time, his focus became more centered towards photography as a hobbyist, which has evolved into a full-time operation for mainstream commercial events.

He has established a proven track record to deliver timely, high-quality images that's in tune with the client's vision.

Chris has supported local and nationwide organizations, delivering timely, high-quality photographs.

You'll find his work featured throughout numerous editorial and esports-related organizations.

All images, with exception to those directly owned by Red Bull are available for licensing.

If you require any images in connection to them, please reach out to Red Bull Media House. 

I am available to freelance for esports, B2B, B2C, and personal projects.

If you're looking to book a reliable photographer with a strong work ethic, please fill out the contact form to discuss booking, licensing, and rates for your project or event.