What Our Clients Think. . .


  • Chris is truly a people's photographer. His talent shines in front of the camera as much as his skills behind the lens. He has a natural ability to understand and connect with the people he shoots. A gift that sets him apart from the rest and is evident in his photos.
    — Tom Lee — Team Ninja
  • Chris Bahn has taken photos for us a number of times, and was professional and thorough with his work. He went the extra mile to get shots for us, including things we didn't request, which he wanted to include (for no extra cost) just to get the best possible look for our projects. Chris has a distinct style with his photography which helps capture the personality and elements of his surroundings, and this is showcased heavily in his work. I have worked with Chris a number of times in the past, and will continue to do so in the future, as I appreciate him as a person and a professional.
    — Jonathan Grey - Eventhubs
  • Chris has an eye for capturing life thru his camera lens. He is a photographer that knows how to capture life as it happens.
    — Harry Thomas, Film Actor
  • Every event I attend, the photos I look forward to the seeing the most come from PTB. No photographer has captured the moment quite like they do. PTB Photo are always the first ones I show off when coming back from events and are always the first pick for new profile pictures on my Facebook. Can't go wrong with these guys taking your pics.
    — Josh Green
  • Chris is an awesome guy to work with! Super talented!
    — Alex Lindsay Photography